Virginia & Maria are a breath of fresh air and magicians at making a house a home. With a recent move, I knew I needed some new life and repurposing of existing pieces to make the house “ours”. These wonderful ladies came to my rescue and more. They diligently listened to all of my ideas, concerns and complaints. I simply told them what stuff I liked, what I could live without and that I wanted this home to feel more like home. After a couple meetings, I was presented with a complete solution that was within the budget I provided, but the best part was yet to come. Once the items arrived, the magic started with the work of two amazing women who move at startling pace and never seem to tire. If you want the work done and done right, you hire these ladies. They also are miraculous organizers and Marie Kondo is an amateur compared to them. I can confidently say that our house is now a home and the most organized place on the block.. Not only did I trust them with our home, we made two new friends and learned some amazing tricks to keep our home organized and efficient.

March 2019 by Dawn Martin


I am 80 years old and needed to move from NC to CA to be near my family. I looked around my home and googled clutter fixers. CK Home Design Group were in the search results. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found them because they organized everything. After staging my home in NC, they determined what furniture I needed to move to CA.They got rid of things I no longer needed and sent other things to my children. At my request they flew to CA and after four days of non-stop effort, had me happily moved into my new home. I cant say enough good things about them and am so glad to know them!

February 2019 by Jeanne Giacobine


Virginia and Maria of CK Home Design are wonderful at what they do–and they do a lot. They are wonderful interior decorators and organizers, These skill sets combined make this duo spectacular. They are able to take a home project from start to finish, without going over budget and without missing a detail. I initially hired CK Home Design to help with a living room upgrade, but soon discovered that I welcomed their input in other rooms in the house and even the garage. No job is too big or too small for them and they put in long hours in a pleasant, seemingly effortless manner. I highly recommend CK Home Design for any of your home design and organizing needs.

February 2019 by Susan Orenstein


I have the highest praise for CK Home Design Group. They have done a major and minor project for me. Major project was redecorating three bedrooms including all new furnishings, duvet covers, paint, window treatments and lighting. The minor project was sprucing up a thirty year old bathroom just two weeks before Thanksgiving guests were to arrive. With new towels, mats, shower curtain, accessories and cabinet knobs, the bathroom looked updated and stylish.
Virginia and Maria are a joy. By the time you finish your project, they feel like friends. They bring warmth, energy, enthusiasm, a wonderful eye for color and design and are completely unintimidating. Even if you have never worked with interior designers, these two ladies will put you immediately at ease. When they show up at your door with bags galore, it is like Christmas. They will shop at Target and Home Goods as well as higher end furniture stores, and keep you up to date on your costs. You get a lot of great discounts through them, and there is no mark up of any product. You pay them for their time.
They worked with me very collaboratively. I was looking for a particular color combination for two of the bedrooms, and they patiently looked at all of the links I sent them for the items I found on line. They would give me thumbs up or thumbs down and send me links in return. Other parts of the redecorating, I left completely up to them, and was thrilled with the furniture they found. As mentioned in other places, they do a “big reveal” aka HGTV when the project is finished, and spend a very busy day assembling everything. It is so much fun.
They have a can-do attitude and are handy with a hammer and screwdriver, as well as being willing and able to organize drawers and closets and even get down on the floor and scrub spots from your carpet. Incredibly prompt and reliable and great communicators via email, text and phone.I am thrilled with the work they did in my home and if I have any other projects to do, they will be the only designers I will call.

February 2019 by Jan Ry


Virginia and Maria were a huge help to me when I was downsizing, planning a move, and decorating after the move. They helped me decide on what furniture to take and figured out where and how it would fit in my new retirement community cottage. (They made a poster and cut-outs of furniture we could move around.)

They were very professional while also treating me like a friend. They were always available and responsive when I needed them, but never pushy when it came to things I did not need help with.

In addition to picking and placing furniture, they helped me pick paint colors, light and fan fixtures, and material for custom made valances. They also helped locate pictures, wall mirrors, etc., and they found a perfect living room rug at a reasonable cost. I receive many compliments on my cottage—usually having to do with the things Maria and Virginia did or helped with.

Finally, making all these decisions and actually moving were very stressful, especially since my husband had died not long before. Virginia and Maria were great sounding boards, emotional supports, and endlessly patient helpers.

February 2019 by Hu


They helped me downsize and relocate. They made the process as much fun and tension free as possible – I even played 9 holes of golf while the move was in progress.

February 2019 by Gordon


Virginia and Maria have made the decorating of our new home fun and exciting. We are easily overwhelmed with all the choices that exist and so their guidance has been greatly appreciated. Their passion for what they do shines in their professionalism and in their knowledge of all aspects of design. They have saved us many many hours of aimlessly browsing stores and the internet for things we think might have worked. They also provided us with many staging suggestions for our older house that we sold last year. We followed thru with all their suggestions and wow, did our house shine and I know that helped it sell so quickly. We highly recommend working with Virginia and Maria no matter what type or size project you may be tackling. They will undoubtedly make it a success.

February 2019 by Michele Meloy


I couldn’t give enough praise to Virginia and Maria at CK Home Design Group. They helped me with two projects in my home and the results are far better than we expected. They are experienced, creative, talented, professional – and fun to work with! They go the extra mile for their clients and will advocate for them. We got our custom-made furniture before the promised date. This is a five star design company.

February 2019 by Alicia Nance


CK Home Design Group was recommended to me through my search for a local staging company on houzz.com. Maria Coleman followed up with me within an hour of my online submission to schedule time to come and view my home. I needed ideas to get my home ready for showing. The 3 person team came out to my home to complete an external and internal tour. I was so impressed that they came with a printed guide for me to take notes and record action items. Using their suggestions, I hired a contractor to paint and update my bathrooms. I also had some landscaping done, per the suggestions that were offered. They also helped me with staging ideas to depersonalize my home for potential buyers. With the help of CK Home Design Group, I had multiple offers on the first day that my home went on the market. Within 48 hours, I had accepted an offer above asking! I would highly recommend Maria, Blake and Virginia without reservation. They are warm souls and felt like family in my home. Love, love, love working with these professionals!

September 2017 by Gevon L.


CK Home Design is always wonderful to work with!! Whether you are packing/moving, organizing, or staging to sell your home, Virginia, Maria, and the entire CK Home Design team is the only call that you need to make!

February 2017 by Les Wilson


This company has the hardest working individuals I have ever met. From the first day, they never lost their focus: to declutter, pack and stage our home to put it on the market as fast as possible to receive the highest and best price in the shortest time frame. They were fun, determined and knowledgable on making sure your home looked amazing all the while using our possessions and furniture in the most flattering arrangements. Our home had never looked so good, it was professionally staged and there was no problem that could not be solved with their years of experience. Each room looked as though they belonged in the Houzz photo gallery. After 3 days of their nonstop attention, we opened our home to the real estate market and sold our house in 5 days. Comments from prospective buyers were so flattering and that the home looked so updated and well cared for. My husband Charlie and I have highly recommended Maria, Virginia and Blake to several clients and our friends. Of all the homes we have bought and sold all over the country, this design group made this experience the best of them all.

October 2016 by Patricia Nelson


We hired Maria and Virginia for helping us redesign our house and pick some new furniture and artwork. We end up letting them organize our whole new house. They are professional, honest, fun to work with and understand their client’s needs and tastes.
My closets are neat and organized by color, my kitchen has everything logically stored and I even have available space left!
I definitely recommend hiring Maria and Virginia for any of your home projects.

September 2016 by Aida Lugo


Virginia and Maria did an amazing job for us! We purchased a condominium for our daughter to live in while a student at UNC. They were mindful that while we wanted it to look good for our daughter, it was to eventually be a rental property. Since we live out of town, they handled every aspect of the re-model from design to being on site providing support and supervision while the work was being performed. They were professional and unfazed by the inevitable discoveries that arise when you tear out a bathroom and remove old carpet in an 80 year old property. They stayed within the proposed budget while meeting the deadline for completion. We couldn’t have been happier with the results or the service they provided.

August 2016 by Robin P.

CK Home Design Group was referred to us by friends who had used them for their recent move. We (my wife, who was eight months pregnant at the time, my five year old son and our two dogs) were moving out of town on short notice due to a job change. Virginia and Maria came to our rescue. Not only did they coordinate every aspect of the move; consigning, donating and disposing of unwanted items, packing boxes, coordinating and overseeing repairs that had to be done prior to the move, coordinating the final cleaning of our house, disconnecting utilities, working with the moving company before and on the day of the move, but they fully unpacked and designed our new home. In the space of three days (our new home is 3600 sq. ft.) they completely unpacked every box, including the ones in the garage and basement, organized our kitchen and closets (bedrooms, bathrooms, office), placed furniture, hung paintings and staged shelves. Our kitchen cabinets are both beautifully organized and functional, the clothes in our master bedroom closets are color coordinated with uniform hangers, boxes in our basement are professionally labeled for easy access and all the other closets (linen, hall, etc.) are perfectly organized.

One of the greatest (and pleasant) surprises we had was the way they designed our new home using our existing furniture. They used pieces in unique ways that we would never have thought. Their sense of style and understanding of space is incredible. We thought we would need to buy a lot of new furniture but, as it turns out, our existing pieces were repurposed to give the space a great, finished look. Looking back, I cannot imagine having moved without them. We would still probably be under a mountain of unpacked boxes eight months on. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

February 2016 by Jeff & Annie

I was referred to CK Home Design Group by a friend of mine who had hired them to design the downstairs area of their house (living room, dining room, office and breakfast room). I had a hard time believing that they could be even half as good as she said they were, but she was right – they are AMAZING!!!!! Aside from the fact that they are fun to be with and completely unpretentious (I was concerned that I would be intimidated using a designer), they were very focused on creating a space according to our tastes and not some cookie-cutter design. They completely redid our family room that (before CK) was a scruffy, worn out space that we spent most of our time in. Now it is our favorite room in the house (which we still spend most of our time in). They had it repainted, had built-in cabinetry installed (which they designed), purchased new furniture, artwork, lights and accessories. The room is beautiful and I am excited every time I walk into it.

Maria and Virginia are true professionals. They deliver what they promise. They are timely, budget conscious, hard and fast workers and have incredible taste. I will use them again and I recommend them without hesitation. Thank you, thank you CK Home Design Group!

December 2015 by Connie

Maria and Virginia have done extensive interior decorating and design work at our house. The results have been absolutely fantastic. After they finish redoing a room, I find myself loving the room in a way I could not have imagined. Their sense of functionality, practicality, color, and design vision are truly remarkable. We have enjoyed working with them very much and I highly recommend them.

Posted on Houzz, July 2015 by awtempleton

Before I hired CK Home Design Group I had never worked with interior designers. After having “redone” the main areas of our home several times and never getting it quite the way I wanted it to look and feel, I decided it was time to bring in the professionals. Maria and Virginia really listen to what I wanted and gave me excellent options for the pieces I needed and helpful guidance when I had a hard time making up my mind about certain styles or colors. They had an incredible ability to understand and articulate our personal style. They were also very mindful of our budget and gave me valuable input in terms of where I should splurge and where I could save. Both, Maria and Virginia, are very organized and detail oriented. They are extremely professional and a great pleasure to work with.

My family and I are beyond happy with the outcome, and we feel that our new home truly reflects our personal style. The decision to call them when I am ready for our second floor redo will be an easy one. I am looking forward to working with them again. I would highly recommend Maria and Virginia for any design project, large or small.

Posted on Houzz, July 2015 by martinka91

I called CK Home Design when my husband and I decided to do a major remodel of our basement. We had a basic idea of what we wanted our basement to look like, but not much else. Maria and Virginia listened to what we wanted and then came back with a great concept and a detailed budget. They provided the added benefit of being professional organizers which was huge when it came time to clean out our toy/game closet and turn it into a beverage/snack area.

This was a major project and they efficiently coordinated painters, flooring, electrician and furniture delivery. When any problems arose, they immediately contacted the appropriate person and took care of them.
I would highly recommend CK Home Design Group for any project!

Posted on Houzz, July 2015 by lisamcglinn

I contacted CK Home Design after having seen some of my neighbor’s rooms transformed by them. I was so comfortable with Maria and Virginia from the first time we met. They are fun, talented, dedicated, handy, organized, down-to-earth, enthusiastic, accommodating, have an incredible eye for color, and work so well as a team. They will do as much or as little as you want.

When I contacted them, I knew that I wanted to make significant changes to a number of rooms in our home, but I didn’t know what I wanted. They spent time with me carefully reviewing all of my rooms, helping me decide what would stay and what could go, and getting to know me and my general preferences.

The entire design process was jump-started by a painting, in my opinion. Maria and Virginia were out perusing consignment stores and texted me a photo of a very large painting that they thought I might like as a focal point for my main living area. I was so excited by this artwork and impressed that they were able to find something that captured my vision for the style and color scheme so well. As a result of this spot-on find, I pretty much gave them license to pick out what they saw fit from this point forward (as long as they stuck close to the determined budget). I did still have (and want) the final say on fabric samples, paint colors, and lighting fixtures – though I almost always went with their recommendation.

The painting they came across brings me to another point: Maria and Virginia are willing to shop for items in all price ranges and at all kinds of places – whether that be consignment stores, Home Goods, online, or at higher end furniture stores. They were relentless about finding just the right pieces in the right scale. It is very important to note that Maria and Virginia get paid for their time and not by marking up purchases. They show you actual invoices for everything they buy for you. On top of that, they are often able to get designer discounts that they pass on to you. They also have access to superb contractors, such as painters, window treatment installers, furniture recoverers, and electricians.

I will say that they took me out of my comfort zone – and I mean this in a positive way. I think that people tend to gravitate toward the style that they already have in place. Maria and Virginia led me to a much more modern style that more accurately reflects today’s trends and my personality in general.

We ended up re-designing all of the living spaces of the house. My main focus – the family room – became a gorgeous, inviting, and more open-feeling gathering spot. The color scheme went from dark burgundies, purples, and golds to fresh teal, purple, cream, and green. The original kitchen nook area was made into a comfy sitting area; the former keeping room is now the breakfast room; the former formal living room is now my stunning personal office; and my husband’s office upstairs was transformed just by moving furniture around and changing the paint color.

The process took about four months, as a great deal of furniture was ordered. I loved working with Maria and Virginia, and always looked forward to each time they visited our house with new things to show me, or to meet with contractors.

I felt like I was on HGTV. Maria and Virginia orchestrated most of the transformation in one day. Somehow they had magically scheduled a number of the contractors and the furniture delivery to happen on a single day in December. They wanted me to experience a “big reveal.” I think that they were as excited about seeing the outcome as I was! They spent the whole day at the house placing furniture, getting rugs in place, placing and re-hanging artwork, organizing items in shelving.

My husband and I arrived home very late after all the “elves” had left, and we were blown away. Right down to the twinkle lights they had placed in a floor vase.

In addition to discovering fabulous decorators, I found two new friends. I look forward to the day when I can have them back to re-design my bedrooms!

Posted on Houzz, July 2015 by iamgirl

Working with CK Home Design Group was such a pleasure. I knew I wanted something new in my living room and dining room but wasn’t sure what. After a consultation with Maria and Virginia they somehow knew what I wanted and they delivered!! I was so impressed that they took what was in my head and made it a reality. Working with them was so easy. They have knowledge of everything from color and lighting design to functionality of furniture and placement. Also, I had peace of mind because they were onsite in my home whenever they had their subs at my home. They guarantee their work and the work of their subs. Months after living in our new space, I noticed we had a spot on the ceiling where a patch of sheetrock could still be seen. I called them and the quickly came out with their painters and fixed the issue!

I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs work done in their home.

Posted on Houzz, June 2015 by jkmccraw

Virginia & Maria lived up to every expectation I had involving several huge projects as a recent widow: emptying a warehouse space, moving an office and fine art, packing my condo and organizing my new home. Their personalities, skill set (power tools, hanging frames, organizing kitchens, kids rooms, etc.), can-do fun attitude, tenacity to see the project through, broad knowledge base (whether recycling, repairing furniture marks, using their interior design finesse, or asking the right questions to determine what to keep or toss, etc.) they were driven to provide a satisfying “wow factor” in each unique situation. Their time management was brilliant, as they teamed well with me, giving me assignments to have accomplished prior to their designated return time. The investment was worth every cent resulting in a beautiful place I call HOME!!!

Posted on Houzz, June 2015 by connie_tempest

I initially hired CK Home to stage my hime to sell, and quickly realized what a loss I had not hiring them years earlier! I hired them again to get my new house in beautiful order as well. Maria and Virgina are a delightfully professional combination of class, taste and no-nonsense efficiency. They have vision, organize impeccably, and have an eye for what works in the right places. With dazzling proficiency, my house was torn apart and put back together, and as much as we tried to do ourselves, they were always there to save me and offer kind suggestions – from high – end design to hands-dirty garage sales, packing and moving. They have a cadre of low-cost, high value specialists who they have clearly built trusted relationships with to swoop in and help as well. We’ve spent $150k among many professionals this year in remodeling 2 homes, and they are the highest value professionals of all.

Posted on Houzz, June 2015 by vive_amore

I have been working with Virginia for many years in a variety of different ways. There is nothing she can’t do! It doesn’t matter what I ask of her, she does it quickly, efficiently and thoroughly.

She is an amazing organizer. She can turn a disaster zone into a clear and logical space. It is so great to immediately find what I am looking for without having to turn the house upside down to find it! Before I knew her, my home office was a jumble of paperwork. I didn’t know what to keep and what to throw away, so I kept everything. As a result, I was awash in papers. She has an excellent knowledge of what is necessary to keep, what can be accessed electronically and what can be destroyed. Now I can manage my paperwork in the professionally labeled files and binders that she created for me.

Virginia has also helped me with multiple other projects including the redesign of rooms in my house, the move of my husband’s office, and the reorganization of my daughter’s house. Again, everything she did was amazing. I couldn’t be happier. I have been working with her for several years and will continue working with her. I thoroughly recommend her without hesitation. She is one of the best investments I have ever made.

Posted on Houzz, June 2015 by Carolyn Borden

We interviewed several interior designers before we hired CK Home Design Group. We could not be happier with our decision. We moved from an apartment into a four bedroom house. Virginia and Maria are very professional, extremely responsive, detail oriented, respectful, efficient, and talented designers. They are a joy to work with. We have been working with them for almost four months, and it might sound odd but we will truly miss them. My husband and I call them the 3D – Dynamic Design Duo. As a growing family we had quite specific needs. Maria and Virginia have been amazing at taking some of our ideas and converting them into a kid friendly but still stylish, beautiful, and cozy home. I appreciated that they were not afraid to give us candid input about some of our ideas and were able to present us with better solutions. They have an array of resources from contractors to vendors as well as local Business Owners, that opened up a total new perspective for us. We enjoyed all of the contractors they recommended to us.

We had a fantastic experience working with CK Home Design Group and would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Posted on Houzz, June 2014 by Noel Q.

CK Design rocks! I have worked with many designers, architects, contractors–having built four houses and remodeled many times. CK Design’s Virginia Kline and Maria Coleman have optimized the combination of nifty, thrifty, and gifted talents. They are pros at seeing potential use of space in artful and highly efficient ways. They work fast–redid 8 rooms in a 5,400 sq ft house for me in less than a week, having found new and fanciful color schemes, new furnishings, and new uses for existing pieces and art all at incredibly reasonable prices. They are easy and delightful to work with and fun to have in your house while they work. Anyone who wants to see how they could liven up their surroundings, be better organized, and make better use of existing spaces, should set up a consultation with CK Design asap! They are the pros.

Posted on Houzz, January 2014 by j52decque

For years my daughters had been struggling with a tiny amount of closet space in their rooms. I asked CK Home Design Group to help me customize their bedroom closets. Maria and Virginia came up with the most amazing solution. They turned and unused bedroom into a phenomenal stylish walk-in closet. I had seen walk-in closets like this in magazines and on home improvement shows, but not in a million years would I have thought about using a small unused bedroom as a closet space. Not only do my daughters now have ample space for all their clothes and accessories but they can now use the small closet in their bedrooms for the books, music, knick-knacks, etc.

Maria and Virginia are truly amazing. They have been so much fun to work with. They are both very professional and easy to talk to. I would recommend them to any of my friends and am looking forward to working with them in the future.

Posted on Houzz, January 2014 by 213home

Thanks to Maria and Virginia of CK Home Design Group, my house showed more beautifully and sold more quickly! They worked tirelessly, rearranging furniture, artwork, rugs, knicknacks—and transformed my entire house into something more appealing to buyers (and ME!) I thought I knew a lot about selling and staging a home, but they totally “trumped” what I had already done! They are true professionals and have a vision and design-sense that can make ANY room look better. They know what buyers are looking for.

I would highly recommend them to anyone trying to sell their home—you will be so surprised (and satisfied) to see the results! (You’d wish you’d done it sooner so YOU could enjoy the results!)

Posted on Houzz, July 2013 by Doug Builders

My husband & I literally saw a magnet sign on Maria’s vehicle one evening, wrote down their info, & emailed to learn more about their services. Virginia & Maria promptly replied & we set up the complimentary consultation at our house. They were easy to talk with, understood our thoughts on how we wanted to make our newly purchased house feel like our home, and had great ideas to offer. They are prompt, attentive to detail, and strive to get the job done correctly & within your budget. Working in stages, we have re-designed our kitchen, living room, bedroom, and dining room so far. We are excited to begin Stage3 next week with them!

Posted on Houzz, July 2013 by jennbenn3

Help! I had to re-furnish the lower level of my house that had been empty for several years, but had a very limited budget and a funky collection of furnishings. I had company coming and needed things done asap. CK Design to the rescue. After a few hours of consultation and sharing ideas, I knew I was in the right hands. We were going to pull from many other rooms in the house, would only need a few new pieces, add a picture here, a rug there and it could all be done in only a few days. Voila! Virginia and Maria did an amazing job making each room (including most of the other rooms in the house) look fresh, updated, and inviting (and furnished). They found fun antique pieces for a bargain that fit right into the decor, and mixed them in with fresh, whimsical accents that I would never have thought of myself, but that really made the space work. They are masters of making clever use of any nook, cranny, or cupboard. By the time Maria and Virginia finished their magic, my garage was re-organized, my attic looked like a showroom, and every room in-between had been spiffed up and some even re-purposed. All for less than the cost of several days work and a couple thousand dollars in new furnishings. They are a dream team to work with, can sense your style and taste, and work to achieve YOUR look within your budget. You would not believe what they can accomplish in one day’s time. They also have a stable of painters, framers, electricians, and helpers who can whisk in to do what’s needed and for a very reasonable cost. Don’t even think about doing it yourself! That is what I thought I would do: hear their ideas, consult and get their advice, and then just do the work myself. Believe me, I would never have gotten the job done, nor would I have found the treasures and bargains they found and done it all in the time of only a few days! These ladies are very experienced and know the area merchants and dealers. Leave it to the Pros at CK Design, sit back and enjoy your company, and just smile when they visit and comment about how they just love what “I” did to my house!

Posted on Houzz, July 2013 by ckdesignrocks

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